Calling from the initiative Black & White to form a “ Lampedusa-platform”.

Calling from the initiative Black & White to form a “ Lampedusa platform”.

We invite you from the Initiative Black&White to build the ” Lampedusa platform” with us, to contribute to stop the deaths of refugees in the Mediterranean.
We want to publish this call together with other organizations and people, if possible, celebrities and politicians. Please write us, if you want to support he call, with your name, function , etc .
“20,000 people have drowned in recent years in the Mediterranean on the way to Europe. The recent disaster should now lead to a turning point: The deaths must be stopped now.
We do not consider it purposeful, only to fight gangs, to reinforce the fences, ship and satellite surveillance of borders, to upgrade the North African countries so that they can block the refugees already at its inside-African borders . But none of this goes to the heart of the problem:

The reals question is: How threatened are their lives, that people risk their lives to be able to leave Africa and come to Europe?  What are the causes of their flight? How can these causes be removed? How can Europe and Germany and a good African-European cooperation help, that people in Africa can live a decent life without threats, fear and hopelessness in their countries?
We want to create this platform for the exchange of information of people in Africa and Europe and of Africans and locals in Europe and encourage the exchange of views and for the common search for workable answers to the tragedies in the Mediterranean. We want to look for answers in the spirit of the Declaration, in which the States 1948 had agreed to cooperate so that worldwide all have a live in peace and human dignity.
Let us create across countries- and across continents a citizen voice that pushes politicians to make decision now to bring the implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights forward.
We are looking for people in Germany, Europe and Africa , who want to create with us this platform ( and our subsidiaries ) to inform each other, to exchange opinions and also to plan activities together . On this way we want to help now, that new ways are adopted to overcome the causes of flight, getting people to risk their lives on the run . “We want as soon as possible to organize a first meeting to discuss the possible structure and functioning of the platform.
First signatories : Initiative Black & White
Email: ( please report here if you want to support the call or endorse the changes desired)
Facebook page:,
Blog :
PS: The Black&White Initiative was founded as an association of African refugees and Germans. For many years the club gives with a tour group nationwide project days in schools , parishes and one-world initiatives with the message: it is inhumane to close the borders,  when the causes of flight perpetuate! Let us work together to build a world that works for everyone. The association brings this message across with a program that combines personal meeting of Germans and Africans, music, joy of life and serious information as adventure .
More about our team:,

Phone: 05655-924981/0171-9132149
We can come up with the tour group Black & White in places for events where people want to build Lampedusa-Platform.
i.A. Wolfgang Lieberknecht , Eunice Bentum (Ghana ), Elisabeth Niamkey ( Ivory Coast )



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